Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction management is highly technical, where oversite is critical in order to save time and eliminate unexpected costs. Our experienced, hands-on approach insures that projects are on time and on budget.

Design & Purchasing

Design and procurement is where even the best projects can get bogged down, thus creating unnecessary and costly delays. Our experienced leadership team can help insure a quick and efficient turnaround in the design process, especially when navigating franchise requirements. Also, taking full advantage of global procurement options to reduce per unit cost can lead to additional variables such as on-time delivery that can delay projects if not properly managed.

PIP Estimates

Property Improvement Plans, as issued by hotel franchisors as a primary requirement for obtaining and maintaining a franchise license is an important part of the performance of a hotel asset as an investment. Quick and accurate PIP estimates are an essential part of the investment formula and can make the difference between a successful investment, or a marginal project.

About Us

Grand Bay Advisors offers expertise in Development, Asset Management and Hotel Transactions, servicing Institutional Investors, Large & Mid-size Hotel Companies, High Net-worth Individuals and Owner/ Operators. With over twenty years of experience in Hotel Management and twelve years of experience reviewing over $1.0 billion in hotel deals, we understand hotels as an investment.