Site Selection

Selecting a site is key to insuring a low basis, and a project that will offer good returns and weather any storm. Whether assessing market viability or simply navigating entitlements, our experts at Grand Bay Advisors can help insure that you get your project off on the right footing.


The development process offers numerous opportunities to create additional value, or to erode an otherwise profitable return for investors. It is important that each project be fully vetted, and that each step is carefully reviewed so that risk is minimized and costs are well-managed.


About Us

Grand Bay Advisors offers expertise in Development, Asset Management and Hotel Transactions, servicing Institutional Investors, Large & Mid-size Hotel Companies, High Net-worth Individuals and Owner/ Operators. With over twenty years of experience in Hotel Management and twelve years of experience reviewing over $1.0 billion in hotel deals, we understand hotels as an investment.